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Hello I am Nikki Thank You for being here!


Born and raised in the great state of Texas!  I am extremely passionate about food, helping others, mental health & children’s charities, I love spending time with my family and being a part of the community including the church we attend, and my live cooking stream on Twitch.  It has been such a blessing to be able to begin the launching of our new website.  PresentedLove was created to not only share my recipes with you but also daily life.  I believe when you share life experiences it can help people find hope and healing.  I am a huge supporter of  mental health awareness and I love sharing that so people who are struggling won't feel so alone inside. We are all fighting a battle others may not know anything about.  This website will help direct you if you are looking for simple home cooked recipes, parenting & relationship tips, inspirational quotes, daily devotionals, and interactions with others through my live stream and blog posts.  PresentedLove is giving opportunities to share with one another to show love no matter what your interests might be. Whatever it is that brought you here I am so glad it did! <3

Directions to be a part of an amazing fun loving community on my LIVE stream!


1.) Download the Twitch App(you can also do this from your computer as well)

2.) Set Up Free account

3.) Locate my username Lil_Miss_Nikki  (this will direct you to my page or you can go to my direct Link: )

4.) Click on the heart/follow button which will help you receive notifications when I go live.  


You don’t have to subscribe to my channel to be a part of this channel but if you would like to subscribe you can get a free monthly subscription through Amazon Prime.


This is a very fun interactive stream so I am thankful for all those who are a part of this!

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